Saturday, April 10, 2010

What I Have Learned

I recently have been making batches upon batches of banana bread. If you think that I am lying ask the checker at Smiths, who rung me up with a CART LOAD of bananas, 30 bucks worth on sale to be exact. Anyway, case in point is that I have made the same recipe over and over again, to have it come out completely under cooked even if I leave it in until it is char black on the outside. What I have discovered is that if you add too much banana, it will be mushy in the middle even though you cook it till the cows come home. Another thing that I discovered, is that seltzer water does wonders to lighten a heavy bread. Especially gluten free breads, because they are so dense to begin with without gluten to leaven them. Here is a recipe that I just adpated from vegweb to be gluten free. It is really light and tasty, but needs something more, maybe a cinnamon walnut crumbly topping. I will post the recipe and my updates on how it is going. I am trying to make the perfect gluten free banana bread, just the right balance of sweetness, banana, and lightness.

When it is perfected I will post the recipe, it is almost there!

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