Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Green Smoothie

If you haven't tried a green smoothie, you should! Although they sound gross, for the most part you can't taste the greens, especially if you add bananas, and they are the fastest way to get tons of greens, and fruit into your diet. I try to drink one every morning. I notice I have a lot more energy during the day, and overall I feel cleaner. Some of my smoothies turn out better than others. One of my favorite combos is an oarnge, a banana and a half, 5 strawberries, and a 4 of cups of spinach, with a cup of almond milk. I also like to add flax, and chia seeds. SO GOOD.

My green smoothie of the day was, a cup of frozen papaya, a handful of frozen strawberries, a cup coconut water, a frozen banana and a half, and spinach. This is a great green smoothie if you are backed up. Trust me!

Tips for making a green smoothie:

1. Buy ALOT of fruit when it is on sale and in season, freeze it on cookie trays and then transfer to a zip lock bag.
2. Buy the big bags of spinach at Costco and freeze the entire bag, I just pull chunks of spinach out of the bag and they break off beautifully
3. Buy the over ripe bananas on sale, peel and freeze them on a cookie tray
4. Don't be afraid to experiment, in a class I just taught, one of the woman said her favorite green smoothie was pear, mint, and swiss chard

(this smoothie is not green because it has berries in it that change the color, which is a good trick with little kids to get them to eat it, add berries, or tell them it is a shrek smoothie)

Here is a basic template for making a green smoothie

1 bunch of leafy greens (kale, spinach, collards, etc. 50% or more)
Fruit (50%)
Optional: flax, chia seeds, kefir, etc.)

Fill the blender with greens, add liquid (Rice Dream, Almond Milk, Water) 1/2 to 1 cup depending on consistency you want for smoothie. Add frozen fruit, bananas, anything optional, and blend until smooth. ENJOY!


  1. Green smoothies are so good

  2. I enjoyed your class today. :) Now that I've actually tasted one and my mouth confirmed that it isn't gross, I am way excited to try incorporating green smoothies into me and my husband's breakfasts. Those coconut treats were awesome too - thanks for introducing me to raw foods. :)

  3. Krysta, I am so glad that you came to the class. It is true you have to try them to know that they are good. Have fun experimenting with your green smoothies! Hope to see you at another class