Sunday, October 31, 2010

Winco Bananas for 18 cents!!!

If you want to save money making green smoothies, go to Winco!!
Winco just advertised 18 cents a pound for bananas at the Orem location!!! I am not sure if that is for every location, but that is a really good deal. I love bananas in my green smoothies and never make one without, it makes them creamier and sweeter.

Tip for using the bananas in green smoothies:
1.Buy up all the bananas they will let you on the sale, take them home.
2. Wait till they are ripe and sweet.
3. Once fully ripe, peel them, break them in half, and put them on a cookie tray.
4. Freeze in the freezer.
5. Put the frozen bananas in zip loc baggies and store then in the freezer.
6. Use them up for creamy green smoothies.

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  1. I saw your holiday cooking demonstration on Robyn's blog...can't wait to make those! Thanks for the tip about the bananas! I LOVE Winco! We just moved to Provo from CA and I was so excited that there was a new Winco here. This is my healthy eating blog: