Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chainsaws and Sugar Free Juice Pops

Isaiah has found a new toy, a very LOUD toy, it makes a noise that makes you feel like someone is sawing down a tree right next to you. He lives for this toy. In fact he loves it so much that he has been sleeping with it the last couple of nights, tucked under his arm like a stuffed animal. Should I be worried? Not only does he sleep with it, it also goes everywhere he goes.... to the store, to eat, outside to cut down trees, and to Seven Peaks.

The second thing thing that Isaiah has been loving is juice pops, although not as much as the chain saw (he hasn't tried to sleep with one yet). They are so easy and I feel a lot better giving him that then a brightly dyed corn syrup pop. I forgot about these wonderful little treats, until my friend reminded me the other day of them. She was on bed rest and had me pick up different juices to make Popsicles. So I followed suit and bought a huge gallon jug of apple cider. It has made the best apple Popsicles. I bought the Popsicle molds at Target, or one of those chain stores last year I don't remember which, but pretty much everywhere has them.

Juice Pops

Your favorite juice
Popsicle Molds

Poor the juice into the molds and freeze.

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  1. Children should not be given too much sugary substances because they are harmful got their teeth. I always suggest my customers that after drinking fruit juice they should drink few morsel of water. That cleans the teeth and protects them.