Saturday, January 16, 2010

25 Flawless Recipes for 2010, ok I Lied 30

I have been inspired, watching an autobiography on Julia Child, it said that she took two years to come up with the perfect french bread recipe, and over 240 pounds of flour! Then I was reading in The Kitchen Detective, by Christopher Kimball, and he said that the problem with cooks now a days is that they have a huge repertoire of recipes, but barely know how to cook any of them. It used to be that home cooks had a small collection of family favorites that they could make with their eyes closed, no recipes, and they came out perfect every time. He makes a valid point that the more you make a recipe you become familiar with the tiny nuances that make or break the dish.
I definitely fit into the latter category, of an inordinate amount of recipes, and little experience making them. I like the creativeness of trying new dishes, but embarrassingly enough I will often times take dinner to people from a recipe that I have never cooked before. Flying by the seat of my pants, sometimes it turns out great, and sometimes it is a flop. So I decided for the new year I am going to take 25 recipes, and work on really getting them right. Many of these I have cooked before, but remember the emphasis is on getting it down to the detail, memorized, and flawless, developing the perfect recipe ( or at least in my opinion) here is my list, drum roll please....
p.s. I will keep you updated on the progress of the recipes
p.s.s. All of these recipes will be made healthy, meaning with whole grains, veggies, fruits, natural sweeteners, healthy oils

  1. Bread/rolls
  2. Curry
  3. Chili
  4. Dahl/Naan
  5. Koorma
  6. The perfect pancake/topping
  7. Breakfast Burrito
  8. Appetizer
  9. Pomagranite Salad/Poppyseed Dressing
  10. Perfect Green Salad/Dressing
  11. Green Smoothie
  12. Homemade pasta with the perfect red sauce
  13. Tacos/ grains and beans
  14. Enchiladas
  15. Flax Crackers/Hummus
  16. Fish done right
  17. Ulitmate veggie burger
  18. Sweet potato fries/ yucca fries
  19. Roasted veggies
  20. Multigrain hot cereal
  21. Favorite wrap/sandwich
  22. Stirfry
  23. Perfect meal for entertaining
  24. Perfect meal to take to someone
  25. Brownies
  26. Cookies
  27. Trifle
  28. Raw Dessert
  29. Quinoa Salad
  30. Quick Bread

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